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New forums are up. Change in server name.
Whole new look. Please register as fast as you can!
Please meet the new (Saturdayscape) at --
Hope to see you guys there soon ! !
As of Diluted, and Tyrawwrr quiting.
At least 1 owner spot will be open.
But as of now. Thanks for reading.

-All the best

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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Apr 12, 2009 5:06 pm

The Forums

At the forums, we expect you to follow a certain revenue of rules.


You are only allowed to have on registered account on the forums at Saturdayscape. By registering at Saturdayscape, you agree to our Terms of Service, and you know which rights you do and do noy have. Spam bots are forbidden here at Saturdayscape.


*No Double Posting -- this means, if you make a post once, do NOT make the same one again!

*No Spam -- this means, your replys must contain at least 5 words. Posts like "lol" or "whatever" are considered spam.

*The Posting Criteria -- If you have a question you need to ask, please make sure that you search Google before you decide to ask a question here on the forums. If you are making a new post that does not have a question, make sure you post it in the right category

Signatures, Avatars, etc.

*Signature Criteria -- Your signature may contain no more than 2 images. Images with a width of more than 500 are not permitted. Images with a height more than 250 are not permitted. You signature may not promote hate, hate speech, violence, drugs, or sex. You may not advertise other websites directly, though, if you wish, you can contain a link to something in your signature.

e.g. of Advertising: "Super cheap services, CLICK HERE"

e.g. of Linking: ""

*Avatar Criteria -- Your avatar may not contain anything related to hate, hate speech, violence, drugs, or sex. Your avatar may not advertise any website in any way. Your avatar must fit the bounderies.

*Permissions -- If you wish to quote / talk (about) a member in your signature or avatar, you MUST first get direct permission from that / those members. Gossip is for people who are too scared to say it to somebody's face, and this will NOT be tolerated.

Manners / Etiquette

*If you think a post, topic, or signature is innapropriate, do not make a reply, it only promotes it for more members to read! Instead, press the "report" button, so Admins / Mods can get it taken care of.

*Member to Member flames are unacceptable. The goal here at Saturdayscape is to make everyone feel welcome, regardless of their knowledge with computers.

*Member to Moderator flames are unacceptable. If you have a problem with how a moderator is moderating, contact an Administrator - if you flame a mod, you are putting yourself out there for a ban.

*Member to Administrator flames are unacceptable. The Administrators here at Saturdayscape do nothing but devote themselves, so if you have a problem with an Administrator, try to express yourself calmly.

*Moderator to Member flames are completely unacceptable. If you have a problem with a member, simply close the topic, PM them, and increase their "Warn" level. Moderators are here to show maturity.

*Moderator to Administrator flames are completely unacceptable. If you are ready to lose your Moderating Powers, then go ahead and flame an admin.


Spamming: Warn -> Warn -> 1 day ban -> 7 day ban

Flaming: Warn -> 2 day ban -> 14 day ban

Failure to comply with Etiquette: Warn -> Warn -> 3 day ban
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Forum Rules
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