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New forums are up. Change in server name.
Whole new look. Please register as fast as you can!
Please meet the new (Saturdayscape) at --
Hope to see you guys there soon ! !
As of Diluted, and Tyrawwrr quiting.
At least 1 owner spot will be open.
But as of now. Thanks for reading.

-All the best

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 Tzhaar for mod(:

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PostSubject: Tzhaar for mod(:   Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:14 pm

Account Name: tzhaar

Real Life Name: Devin

Age: 15

Sex: male

Any Experience as a Moderator? If so explain your job and what server (including the server ip/port/etc.)
um i use to be heading for mod on this server back in the day. prob about 3-5 months ago.
ive been a mod on battlescape604.

As a Moderator, How will you change the game experience for the better for everyone.
i would change the game experience for the other players cause i would help them whenever they needed. i would work really hard to get extra cash to give to people that truly need, not the people that ask for 500m when they already have 1b+.

Whats a Moderators job
I think a moderators job is to be active ingame and on the forums. help whoever ask's him. and try to help server stay active and keep the vote's up. which i can do Smile

Explain what 'abusing powers' means.
The word "abusing powers" means to me: spawning stuff for other players. teleport players to me to kill. or stuff like that. which i dont know why people do that. just downrightt immature.
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Tzhaar for mod(:
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