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New forums are up. Change in server name.
Whole new look. Please register as fast as you can!
Please meet the new (Saturdayscape) at --
Hope to see you guys there soon ! !
As of Diluted, and Tyrawwrr quiting.
At least 1 owner spot will be open.
But as of now. Thanks for reading.

-All the best

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 RELEASED 5/8/09

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PostSubject: RELEASED 5/8/09   Sat May 09, 2009 7:23 am

Okay.. As you see. You might of heard it. Since everyone is kind of splitting. I might as well release if for you guys that are still enjoying the server. So yeah. Here is the deal. We have a new server name. So stfu about Saturday Scape. So here it is. New forums at

Hope to see all you guys there. Please stay active. I as me will keep update on the server. Help when I can. And hopefully we will see Tyrawwrr sometimes too. Anyway. As you might of saw. Me and Tyrawwrr quit. As may is Headshoot has too. So yes. Please go to the new forums. Desolation is now up.

Do NOT reply.
Thanks for reading.

-All the best
-Desolation staff/faculty

Good-bye Saturday Scape.
Farewells to Tyrawwrr and Diluted.
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PostSubject: shit. ...   Tue May 12, 2009 10:08 am

guys ... dude i remember a LONG time ago ... when this all started .... Sad

dude ... this started with me ... diluted made it happen ... tyrawwrr made the forums and helped with half of everything .... headshoot tried to help tyrawrr out ... thats our stories...

... FUK FUCK UFKC FUCK!!#%!#%!!%# ... guys Crying or Very sad ur making me feel bad ... Crying or Very sad i already miss m childhood ... ANDI M FUCKING 14!!!! ... Sad i miss how i use to luv bionicle and all their games and that shit ... then i found this ... and i remember how much of an influence i wuz to runescape players .... then pawn came along ... FUCK!!#%^^ ... this is too sad Sad

:'( ... Sad Sad Sad ... GUYS DONT FUCKING LEAVE!!!!

Everyone add me at :

... if i forget u now ... i'll stay crippled forever .. Sad .... DONT FUCKING LEAVE!!!!!!!! guys i got this back up Sad WAH FUCKERS@! ....

Add me at RuneScape ... Im going back ...

IF IM EVER ON THIS SERVer AGAIN! ... its for good ... ... ... i aint leaving yet ... i already quit one server Sad (NNeScape) i miss all them! justdont fucking leave!!! ... all i got is basketball and i cant play anything else anymore ... ive broken everything Razz ... all i can do is this Sad

Add me at: lildude783 .... EX-member ... best Construction Person around RuneScape ... check da highscores Razz ... my house has 60 construction Razz ... Sad portals, 20 mill of shit Razz .... IM FUCKINGGOING BACK! .... i

PORT: 43594

Or talk with me on ... i now have 110k points in Pawn Tactics and own my own clan ... NPA (Teh N00bz Own All!) ...

FUCK U IM GONA CRY U HOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(thisll all go on moparscape ... when im done ... THIS SERVER IS STAYING WHILE IM HERE!)

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