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 Vid is hilarous. *New vid on news*

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PostSubject: Vid is hilarous. *New vid on news*   Sun May 03, 2009 7:39 am

k.. heres a video. i've watched it like.. 900 times. its hilarious.. lol look at it

Here is the lyrics lol

You might like our penises.

Hey girl, from over here your butt looks soft.

Maybe if I could touch it, I could tell if it's soft.

Tell me if it's soft, cause I'd really like to touch it.

And then I'll show you my penis

(You guys)

And then I'll show you my penis

(You guys)

And then I'll show you my penis

(You guys)

You might like my penis.

Hey pretty girl, did you go to college?

Did you get your BA with all that knowledge?

I like your boobies in your shirt

Please let me show you my penis

Please let me show you my penis

Please let me show you my penis

You might like my penis

Look at our penises

Look at our penises

Look at our penises

You will like our penises.

I will look at your vagina.
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Vid is hilarous. *New vid on news*
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